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Treasure Hunt

Carefully prepare for this activity and everyone will have a really fun time at the party!

Planning & Organizing A Treasure Hunt

This party game needs a

bit of preparation and supervising – all the same it’s great fun and definitely a favorite with the kids.

For young kids a treasure hunt can simply be lots of small gifts – such as wrapped candy – hidden around the party room or garden, or played with easy picture clues.

For older kids you could divide them into small teams and then give each team a set of clues or riddles to solve – so that the teams no which set of clues to follow it’s a good idea to color code or identify them in some way or other.

The hidden treasure could be candy perhaps gold wrapped chocolate coins – ideal for a kids party with a pirate theme or, for a girls only party, pieces of inexpensive jewelry, such as beaded necklaces or bracelets.

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