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How to Play Hot Potato

This fun party game is definitely going to be a Hot Favorite with all the kids.

Hot Potato Fun

To play the game you will need

something soft perhaps a soft ball for the older kids or a small soft toy such as an Elmo or cute plush animal for the younger ones.

The kids then stand or sit in a circle and music played. While the music is playing the kids pass the ‘hot potato’ from one to another. Every now and again the music is stopped and the one left holding the ‘hot potato’ is ‘out’ and has to leave the circle.

Play continues until there are just two kids left in the game. The one who isn’t holding the ‘hot potato’ when the music finally stops is then declared the winner and receives a small party prize.

Other variations on this popular party game are either the kids throw the ‘hot potato’ to each other and if they drop it then they’re ‘out’ of the game, or they ‘lose’ first an arm (put arm behind back) then a leg (go down on one knee) then the other leg (go down on both knees) and finally their other arm and so are ‘out’ of the game.


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