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Duck Duck Goose Ideas

Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose is a popular party game for young kids.
To play, first sit the kids down facing each other in a circle. Then choose one child – this is usually the party boy or girl – to be ‘it’. He or she then has to

walk around the outside of the circle tapping each of the other kids in turn lightly on the head and naming them a duck. This goes on for a few moments until the child taps one of the children and says goose instead of duck.

At this point the ‘goose’ stands up and chases the birthday child once around the circle trying to tag him or her before they sit down in their (goose’s) place.
If the birthday child is tagged then they are ‘it’ again. If not then the ‘goose’ becomes the next ‘it’ and starts the game again.

This game can be played until the kids get fidgety or they’ve all had a turn at being ‘it’. Don’t forget you can change the name of the game from duck duck goose to any other animals or characters of your choice or to tie in with a kids party theme.


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