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Jell-O Ponds

Jell-O Ponds and Soups

For this kids party dessert you can choose from an assortment of fun Gummi candy including

fruit, alphabet, fish, frogs, worms, sharks and alligators, and a variety of great colored Jell-O.

Jell-O gelatin dessert
Gummi candy
Clear bowl

‘Cooking’ Instructions
First, following the package instructions, make about half of the Jello-O. Then pour this into a suitable large glass bowl, and chill in the refrigerator until it just begins to set. Next, remove from
the refrigerator and carefully poke the Gummi candy a little ways into the Jello-O. Then return to the refrigerator and leave until completely set.

When set make the remainder of the Jello-O. Leave to cool a little, then pour it over the set jelly. Return to the refrigerator and leave for all to set.


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