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Bridal Shower Food

Party Ideas

To add to the fun of the shower it can be a good idea to have a selection of games and other activities that are appropriate for the event. Making your own fun - Give a shower or wedding day an very special touch with corsages and have a great look and individuality.

Kids Party Sandwiches

Kids Party Sandwiches

Whether they’re filled with a cheese spread, salmon, ham, tuna, grated cheese or …continue reading…

Jell-O Ponds

Jell-O Ponds and Soups

For this kids party dessert you can choose from an assortment of fun Gummi candy including …continue reading…

Iced Cupcakes

Pink Iced Cupcakes

These prettily iced cupcakes are great for an all girls’

kids’ party and they’re …continue reading…

Easy Teddy Cookies

Easy Shaped Cookies

These little cookies can be cut into shapes such as ducks, teddy bears, rabbits and …continue reading…

Cheesey Straws

Cheesey Straws

To make Cheesey Straws you …continue reading…

Easy Butterfly Cakes

Butterfly Cakes

1½ cups (6oz) of …continue reading…

Kids’ Party Food And Drink

Food and drink for a kid’s birthday party could include sandwiches, cut into four triangles or squares, or …continue reading…

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