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Lemon Frosting

Lemon Frosting

Frosting is a great way of decorating a birthday cake. It can also

be bought pre-made, a popular choice is Pillsbury® Creamy Supreme® Frosting, or homemade. It can be spread smoothly, piped or swirled and can make a simple sponge cake extra special.

And then for the finishing touch just add some candles or candy or take a look at our other cake decorating Ideas.

This recipe will make sufficient frosting to fill, and cover the top and sides of an 8 or 9 inch sponge cake.
4½ cups confectioners’ sugar (powdered sugar)
½ cup (4oz or 1 stick) of butter
1 lemon

‘Cooking’ Instructions
The butter for this recipe needs to be at room temperature, so you may have to leave it out of the refrigerator for several hours before beginning.

First sift the confectioners’ sugar into a bowl. Then put the butter into a separate bowl and beat until it’s creamy. Next little by little beat in the sugar. Then when all the sugar has been added grate the lemon rind and add one teaspoon of this to the mixture. Now add enough lemon juice – you will probably need between three and five tablespoons – to make the lemon frosting a nice consistency for spreading or swirling.

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